May 10, 2020

May 10, 2020
Fifth Sunday of Easter A
Bulletin Reflection
Fr. Ed Smith

Acts 6:1-7; 1 Peter 2:4-9; John 14:1-12
Happy Mothers’ Day! And while there is no overt mention of Mother in this weekend’s Gospel, consider what Jesus talks about: comfort, home, life and goodness. I think most of us would agree that these are all part of what makes a mom a mom. And, as most moms will tell you, being a mother can be hard work…but at the same time it is filled with joy. Jesus understands moms. He came to our earth through His Mother, Mary, to do hard work - the work of His Heavenly Father. And what is this work? Bringing comfort, life and goodness to God’s people. And He tells us clearly in the Gospel that He has prepared a home for us, so that we may always be with Him. But there is even more to it than this: Jesus does not only prepare the way for us, He IS the way for us. This means that it is through our relationship with Jesus that our lives have meaning and hope. Our future is in Him. When Jesus says that He is “the way the truth and the life,” He gives us the promise that when we follow Him [the way] we have the assurance of our faith [the truth], and we will share eternity with Him [the life]. No wonder this Gospel passage is perfect for Mothers’ Day. It is a statement of confident hope: but not hope in SOMETHING, but in SOMEONE-Jesus! And who brought Jesus to our earth? His MOM: Mary. Just as so many of us are grateful today to have someone in our lives to call “mom”, let us remember that it was God who gave our moms to us in the first place, to comfort us, to create a home for us, to teach us about goodness, and to show us what it really means to love. This is what Mothers’ Day, and our in fact our faith, is all about!